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It’s Alive! has launched!

This week, a project that I have been working on for almost two years was finally shoved out the virtual birth canal and landed smack down, all shiny and new, on the well-known and wondrous WWW – the World-Wide Web.

As one of the proud parents generating this new creation, I am pleased to introduce you to our newest bundle of joy, “,” a website and labor of love focused on food, connection, community and conscious living.

The site wasn’t always what you see today (when you visit immediately after reading this article of course!).

It started as a simple idea stemming from one question void of any limiting thoughts.  What would you do if………………..?

Andrea working hard on

Andrea working hard on

I met Andrea (founder of on a tiny little island in Thailand, and although we started out in love as romantic partners, and ended by loving each other as caring friends, we spent an entire year together traveling, dreaming and scheming ideas in our heads for what we wanted to create and give to this world.

In the business of buying and selling domain names, one day as we were about to leave the island to set off on new adventures, he asked what I would do with the domain name, “”

Being a writer who loves hearing, telling and creating stories, I thought it would be inspiring to focus on how food connects us, through the memories we create and the stories we tell while gathered around either cooking and preparing food or joining together to share a meal.

Andrea on the other hand, being a passionate and health-conscious yogi, said he would focus on how food connects us with our bodies and complex energy system, helping us to evolve.

Having already melded hearts and merging minds, we married the two ideas and began working on  While living in Italy we would lie in bed discussing what type of stories we longed to share.  Weeks later, having found ourselves living in India, we would walk the bustling streets filled with motorbikes and random roaming cows, and consider how to incorporate yogic ideals of health and cleansing to assist our future readers with their path of conscious living.


Many hours and several countries later, we created the tagline, “ What nourishes you.” Human interaction nourishes our souls just as healthy food truly nourishes our body.

As our paths stretched and separated, other incredible people came on board to build the dream and make the project a reality. A fellow yoga teacher named Guy, living on the island, lent his technical expertise and spent hours creating a fully functioning and fantastic site. Passionate about health, happiness and living an abundant life, Alani joined the team, contributing hours of writing inspiring and educational articles focused on conscious living.

In the end, Andrea’s dream to build a site focusing on “what nourishes you” not only came from our original musings combining to create something new. It came from a team of passionate people, an “orgy of energy” to create and give birth to this exciting new manifestation for all to see.

When the site finally went live this past week, a real rush of energy swept through my heart.

You see, I find it absolutely miraculous how a simple idea, if given enough love and attention, can become a reality.  Everything you see around you started as an idea – from the lamp sitting next to you to the device you are using to read this post.  Something simply CAN NOT be created that wasn’t first thought into existence.

We marvel at the final product, the creation of something beautiful in this world. What we don’t see is how it began as a dream inside the dreamer’s mind, the hopes and fears, ideas good and bad, that float around and form long before the first thought is recorded with pen to paper. The courage and will it takes to work through all those thoughts, believe in the dream and continually feed it the energy it needs to come alive, is what separates the dreamer from the creator.

I am amazed to actually witness a dream that I was part of become a reality. I’m so grateful to Andrea, Guy, Alani and all the others who worked on this project for being a part of making it come true.

Maybe reading this, you are thinking of that beautiful spark of inspiration, that dream you have hiding in your heart and mind.  Maybe it’s time for you to move from dreamer to creator. The only difference between our website and the idea bouncing around inside your head is the energy and love you choose to put towards it to make it a reality.

Whatever your dream is, I hope you choose to build it soon. The world is waiting to celebrate the birth of your next bundle of joy as well.

What is the dream drifting about in your heart and head?  Start your journey of making it a reality by declaring it BOLDLY in the comments below!

As always, thank you for reading and see you next time!


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