My Most Unexpected Blog Post

Writers block, taxidermy donkey, letting go and a little soul shining through………….

So, I’m trying to write a blog post because I’m committed to keeping up this blog of mine because I believe in Born Again Baby and spreading messages of love and inspiration and following dreams and all things lovely.

However, today I’ve been trying to write said mind-blowing, heart-exploding post for the past hour but I am staring at this screen and nothing is happening.

I write. I erase. I go get something to eat. I write again. And repeat, repeat, repeat.

Nothing is satisfying me – not the food I’m putting in my mouth or the words coming out of my mouth onto the page.

But I can’t just write NOTHING.  All these crazy internet marketing sites I’ve been browsing and free webinars I’ve been taking all say that CONSISTENCY matters when managing a blog.  I put out a blog post last week and now the time has rolled around again to put out another, but I’m left sitting here with nothing phenomenal to say.


What am I supposed to do?

It’s not like I don’t have things to talk about. A lot happened in my life this week. I moved to a new house. I had a crazy wacko birthday celebration with my amazing weird wacko family complete with a stuffed taxidermy donkey. That was definitely fun.

Me, my cousin Drew and the (dead) donkey

Me, my cousin Drew and the (dead) donkey

It was also the Indy 500 race weekend and you would think as a writer I could at least come up with some “racing around” metaphor for my life and all that’s been happening.

But I’ve been sitting here and I don’t really have anything to say about any of it.

And, in the blogging world, when you don’t have anything to say, you don’t have great copy for your site.  It just so happens that “great copy” is another requirement for a successful blog according to these internet marketing gurus.  And I am a person who wants to have a successful blog.

Sitting in this spot, staring at computer for hours

Sitting in this spot, staring at computer for hours

So what am I supposed to do? (except keep going to the kitchen repeatedly to eat food thinking that I’ll suddenly get a brilliant idea on the walk down the hallway to and from the refrigerator.  So far I’m not getting any great ideas, just a bigger butt from all the “distraction” food I’ve been digesting.)

“Not” writing a post isn’t an option.

So, I decided to try something new.

I’m a true believer in “soul” and no, I don’t mean the 70s genre of music that sported tight jean bell bottoms, Afros and a smooth pair of roller skates.

I believe that we all have a soul.  Not just that we have a soul, but that we ARE our “soul.”

The truth of our being is that we are this perfect reflection of the Divine – of the Universe – of absolute amazing awesomeness that shines brilliantly and boldly showering love, life and inspiration in this world.  This is who we REALLY ARE and when we connect and live from that place – that’s when the magic happens. I actually, truly 110% believe this.

It’s our little mind, our smaller self, who is the one paralyzed by fear of what others will think, who worries about status, about being accepted and loved and who works tirelessly to craft our personality to fit this image of what we hope we are, or what we hope people will think we are.

That is the little ego self – the smaller illusory part of me – that has been trying to sit in front of this keyboard and write some profound message for today’s blog post all because I have named the site “Born Again Baby” and I feel like I have to say something earth-shattering.

Haha – but the jokes on me (the little me that is).

What happens when Miss Born Again doesn’t have anything to say?  What happens when I just like sitting at this desk working on my book and staring at the pretty pink flower I bought to put in the window sill that makes me happy and feel peaceful at the glorious spring time weather we have in May right now in Indiana?  What if I don’t have any major musings or profound insights to pass along this week?


Well, I’ll tell you what happens. Miss Born Again reminds herself that life isn’t that serious – and it’s all perfect anyway.

And if I’m worried about whether some unknown reader of my blog will adore and love my post – so much that it keeps me from even writing anything – then that’s probably my silly little ego self taking over and operating from fear, and that is most definitely not living from this amazing expansive bad-ass incredibly cool and awe-inspiring real soul I have inside.

So today – right now – as I sit in front of this computer screen, it’s no holds barred.  This post is simply going to be a random musing of soul babble.

I’m telling my little “me” to “hush on up sugar!” and just for a minute allow my real “ME” (my soul) to do the talking.  So, without any self-regulation or judgment, this is my SOUL talking and this is what it wants to say.  (Oh yea, we’re jivin’ now man!)

My soul says (to the little ego me):

Thanks for letting me take the lead – it’s about time you goof ball! You’ve been sitting there in front of the computer for how long and the answer was there the whole time? I’m always here, I’m always in you and I’m always your answer – each and every time for every single situation!  Super mega easy, no?  How funny you keep forgetting!

No matters. I’m here inside you always, regardless.

If I’m going to tell you what I want to say, well then here it is:

 Life is pretty good. In fact, life is so great these days that there’s not much to say “about” it!  It just is. The sun is shining. The weather is beyond beautiful. I’ve never seen the grass look so lush and glowing this vibrant green.  It reminds you of the time you were little and away at camp, playing “Capture the Flag” out in that field.  Life was pretty good then and life is pretty good now.

Glowing green grass through my window

Glowing green grass through my window

When your heart is happy maybe there’s not a lot to talk about? Maybe there’s not a lot to say because everything just is so great just the way it is.

This week has been incredible, like everyone around you has finally woken up, fallen in love with life and can finally breathe for the first time since the long and annoyingly cold winter.  Kids are graduating, everyone was celebrating for Memorial Day, lot of cookouts, the company baseball game, the unexpected $50 tip, drinking wine with Megan, making her morning fruit shakes and settling into the new house. You put on a sun dress today for the first time this season – a fact that makes you so happy you should be able to fill volumes with how much you love that feeling.

 Your birthday is coming up and it’s your favorite time of year. May is the final end of the spring and the beginning of all sorts of freedom and possibilities for the summer.  It’s the best place to be and it’s all around you right now.

Birthday shenanigans: who doesnt love those?

Birthday shenanigans: who doesnt love those?

So just let go of the thoughts of having to write ABOUT it and just have fun living it! Life is meant to be lived and loved and let go and enjoyed!

Remember Megan’s dog Bernie the other night, how he was whimpering and beside himself for you guys to grab his ball from him and throw it, so he could take off, flying over the couch to go catch it only to bring it back, keep it from you because he wanted it all to himself, yet at the same time yearning for you to take it so it could be thrown again?

And remember how you and Megan – drinking wine of course – were laughing hysterically because of his conundrum? 

He was barking and saying, “Please take the ball! I want you take the ball? Please, please throw it so I can chase that damn tormenting round object across the sea of carpet again and again!”

Bernie: PLEASE give me that ball!

Bernie: PLEASE give me that ball!

But then at same time he would get the ball and tuck it between his paws, whining and whimpering, saying, “Don’t take the ball! I can’t let it go! I must hold on to my PRECIOUS!!!!!”

Poor little Bernie 🙂

But I guess that’s kind of like you sitting in front of your computer and not letting yourself write anything.  Maybe it’s like you and everyone else living their life? 

We hold on to those things we find so dear and we crave with all our being – we just HAVE to have them!  But at the same time, when we let go and let it out – and the “ball” gets thrown, and life happens and takes place all around us – this is when the real fun begins!  It’s the living and the chasing and moving and enjoying of life that make  it fun, not the holding on and holding back.

So just like we laughed and screamed to Bernie over and over: Just DROP IT!

Drop it, let go and have fun with the back and forth, fluid fun of life.  Write whatever you want to write if you want to write.  Why hold yourself back? 

Better yet, live like you want to live if that’s how you want to live. Why hold yourself back?

The ball is like your mind – just let go of those thoughts, of holding on to any thoughts that keep you sitting there whimpering and wishing to be free and just let them go.  That’s when the real fun and the real magic happens. Anything you hold too tightly, just drop it. Just let it go and let it be free, flow out of you – let it live. Just let it go!

(Great, now I have that Frozen song in my head!  “Let it go, let it goooooooooooooo”)

Anyway, well, there’s my little message to myself from my soul – and because I’m weird enough to write it all out in this little blog post, there’s my little message to you too.

It’s a bit random but hey, that’s what happens when you let the mental wall down and just let things flow out stream of conscious.  Maybe not earth-shattering, but at least the post is done for this week! I feel light and free and inspired having just stopped holding back and letting these words – whatever they were – flow out of me.

Ahhhhhhh – I think life is pretty much incredible right now.

Actually, I don’t think life is pretty incredible right now, I KNOW it is.

And I guess that’s all I have to say about that.  Now I’m done staring out the window and am ready to go on my first bike ride of the season.

Hope you enjoyed and are letting your incredible life flow all around and through you too!  Say hello to your beautiful soul and let it out today – or every day – and this is when it all starts getting fun!

And, if you have any fun experiences with your soul leading the way, let me know.  As always, I love to hear people’s stories, especially when they’re lived from that wild and wacky soul place deep inside. When we just “drop it” and let it go, who knows what amazing random beauty comes out?


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