Magic is EVERYWHERE and I can prove it.

Do you know what I absolutely, whole-heartedly, 100 and infinite percent love about this life?


Absolutely everything.

But………. what I love most about that everything is the magic that exists within it.

I don’t mean that slight-of-hand, “show-‘em-something-shiny-so-they-look-left-while-we-deceive-you-on-the-right” type parlor trick magic. I mean REAL magic that exists in this world, everywhere, in everything and in everyone. The kind of Harry Potter appearance of forces unseen kind of magic that exists, not just in novels, but the world around us.

It’s not always apparent to those who don’t seek to see it.  It only peeks through from time-to-time, visible to those eyes that are open and willing to see.  But it really is everywhere, if only you know what to look for…….

It does exist and I can prove it to you. I can show you what I see when I see magic.


During my travels in the past few years, I have logged hours at meditation centers and yoga schools around the world learning various paths, numerous tools and reading countless books and stories. I’ve sought out teachers, stood on my head for way too long, made a vow of silence for 40 days then made another for 40 more; I’ve talked to fascinating people and explored the mysteries of my dreams.  I did all of this in the name of trying to seek the truth of this life.

Of all that I’ve learned and experienced, one of my favorite – and I dare say most crucial – lessons is the simple timeless Hermetic axiom, “As Above, So Below.  As Below, So Above.

As Above, So Below

Boiled down to its essence, it basically means, “What is on the inside is on the outside, and what is on the outside is on the inside.”

To me, awareness and embodiment of this truth is the recipe for seeing (and living) the magic in your life.

In our existence, what we are on the “inside” – what we know, feel, love and experience is always reflected in the world around us.  This also means in a funny way, what we see every day in our lives, in the “outside world” around us, is actually just a reflection of what is going on within us.

I was reminded of this beautiful truth in the past few weeks as magic showed up in my life as it always does when I’m awake and aware and willing to recognize its presence and the messages it brings to me.


Waking Up to What Is

When I moved into my new house a few weeks back, less than a week after taking occupancy of the place, I was fast asleep on a Monday morning, sprawled out on my single mattress plopped down on the floor, a temporary fix until I could find a real bed to call my own.  That morning I was BEYOND exhausted, having just worked three double shifts at the restaurant and survived a 17 hour day helping with a festival in the old Arts District where I used to work. All this on top of three days of moving boxes and furniture from my parents garage to my new living room floor.

I was so thoroughly exhausted by that Monday morning, I could’ve been sleeping on any random mattress on anyone’s floor – I didn’t care, I just wanted to sleep.

But that morning, sleeping didn’t seem to be in my cards.

Beginning at 6am while I was at first far off in dreamland, I was jolted awake by the repeated sounds of a police siren traveling up and down my street, over and over, back and forth, “whoop – whooping” at ear-piercing, irritation-inducing decibels ringing in my ears and reverberating inside my head.

Completely out of it and utterly confused, I blinked my eyes open, staring at my still unfamiliar ceiling, trying to decipher where the noise was coming from and why the hell it was happening at this atrocious hour.  In my incoherent state, my hazy and quite irrational conclusion was,

Someone must have stolen a police car and is joy-riding up and down my street!……. At 6am!……… on a Monday morning……………?!


I laid there fearing what sort of insane neighborhood I had moved into.

police joyride

Where these hooligans my new neighbors?!

Then, as if psycho renegade police sirens weren’t alarming enough, suddenly there was banging on my front door and I sat upright in bed, now on full alert and wondering if I was under attack.  I got up, went to the front and looked out the window to see a person I didn’t recognize standing on my porch.  Looking nothing like any mass murderer I had envisioned in my mind, I assumed it was safe to answer the door and see what all the fuss was about.

The stranger was actually my neighbor, and the police sirens were not in fact, an adolescent joy ride gone wrong.  The sirens – and my neighbor – were attempting to alert everyone to the fact the road in front of our homes was going to be re-paved that day.  Anyone who was still parked along the curb would be towed within the hour if we didn’t move.

Thanking my neighbor and grabbing my keys, I ran outside and moved my car to safety and then just as quickly ran back inside, diving back onto my crappy mattress, eagerly wanting to get back to the precious land of slumber.  Unfortunately though, I was too wound up from the early morning excitement and falling back asleep was impossible.  Too tired to move, yet too wound up to sleep, I wasn’t going anywhere, let alone back into dream land.

Wide awake, I stared at the ceiling not really seeing with my eyes, but drifting through the thoughts in my mind on the experiences of the last half hour, reflecting on the reason and meaning of the moment.

And this my friends, is where the magic comes in…………….


Reconstructing A New Road

When totally random and “strange” or bizarre occurrences take place in my life, I never just let them pass me by.  I truly believe in that truth that I learned on my cherished travels around the world:

“As Above, So Below.”  What is on the inside is on the outside, and what is on the outside is on the inside.

When strange or out-of-the-ordinary events take place on the “outside,” I almost immediately begin looking for their correlation to my life on the “inside.”  This is how I love to look at life. This is how I find magic in so many moments.

It didn’t take too long to lie in bed and find a smile creeping across my face thinking about what had just happened.  I could have laid there, completely pissed off and crabby at having been so rudely awakened by the siren and the inconvenient need to get out of my bed to move my car.  I was sleep deprived and I could easily have stayed stuck in “this-experience-ruined-my-day-ville.”

NOBODY likes to be there, so instead, I looked to see through to the truth of the experience and tried to focus upon what it was really reflecting in my life.

The whole reason for renting a place was to start something new in my life, to change paths from the “constant traveler” and move into a new phase of my life, one of grounding and growing and hopefully bringing to fruition all the seeds I’ve planted within my mind and soul over the past five years journey.

To pave a new path in your life, you have to tear up and deconstruct the one you’ve been traveling before. You know, tear up the existing “road” you’ve been traveling along, just like they were about to do to the actual road right outside my door that particular morning.

City trucks tearing up the road

City trucks tearing up the road


Time To Move Forward

The timing was uncanny too, almost as if it was planned perfectly for me and my transition in life.

“No Parking” signs had been strung around trees and light posts all along the road for months. I remember, because I had asked about them back on June 1st when I came to look at the house for the first time, and again on July 15th when I met my landlord there to sign the lease.

She had confessed the signs had been up for months but nothing had ever happened and she’d never seen anyone ever come through to reinforce the “no parking” mandate.  She said she honestly had no idea why they were there, only that they had been up for months.

So, they were present with no real reason – until – the week I move into the house.  AND – I had moved into that house – not into a house one block over on a street that was NOT being re-paved, but into this house, my house, on a street that had been littered with “no parking” signs yet had seen no activity for months.  Nothing happened until five days after I move into the house.  It wasn’t until I was in there, making a transition in my life and happened to be asleep on my mattress – only then there were police sirens, neighbors banging on doors and people scurrying around to move their cars.

Not until that week did the massive city trucks come through, ripping up the old worn-out pavement that no longer was serving its purpose, and begin grinding down the asphalt to the solid core beneath.

The road was being reconstructed, just as I was reconstructing my path in life as well.

There was no more “parking” or holding back either, the time to reconstruct and move forward was happening NOW.

Call me crazy but this is how I choose to view events with strange timing and significance.  Some people call it “coincidence.”  I like to call it, “magic.”


Choosing a New Path to Pave

To me, it is magical. The timing and the strangely bizarre coincidence of the events all act as a sign that everything is exactly where it’s meant to be at exactly the right time it’s meant to be happening.  I believe in “signs” and like the mystical and wise author Paulo Coelho advises, “Always follow the omens.”

Since I’d moved into that house, it seemed the omens were calling loud and clear.

I had heard “my song” the moment I moved into my house which made me know I was in the right place. (If you want to read about that moment, click here)  Then as I went through and reconfigured the old contents of my life, so was the road outside my house being reconfigured and prepared for something new.

As I laid in bed, I smiled a huge heart-melting grin thinking about the series of events in the past half hour and I knew I was in the right place, not only the right house, but the right “location” in my life.

Months earlier I had come to a cross-roads and had to make a choice of whether to take a job or keep moving forward with writing my book. (click here for the story).  At that time, I chose the path less taken – the one that followed the signs of my heart.  Now that I was in my new place, it was even more obvious to me – and confirmed by the exterior tearing up and ripping away of the road outside my house – that I not only needed to take the path less travelled, it was time for a completely new path in my life.

To make it all the more magical, the road was torn up that way and remained “deconstructed” and ripped up for almost two weeks.

During these two weeks I went through every box, got rid of every old item that no longer fit the new path I was paving for my life. For those items I couldn’t get rid of, I simply repainted or repurposed to make new and shiny, ready for my new life. For two weeks I was covered in spray paint and cleaning products, completely rehashing everything I owned and making a new home, a new path and a new life for myself.

Old bookshelf that didn't quite match the new decor

Old bookshelf that didn’t quite match the new decor

So it was time to "reconstruct" with a little spray paint

So it was time to “reconstruct” with a little spray paint

And now it fits with the new place

And now it fits with the new place



Finally, I remember it was a Tuesday and I had reached a place where my new house was completely DONE.  There was nothing left to decorated, nothing left to create, and nothing left to rid myself of. My home was perfect and it was a new and perfectly perfect clean slate for me.

And who would have guessed, but it was that very Tuesday, the trucks came through and finally laid down the fresh new asphalt on the road, completely new and fresh, hot, smelly, steaming, black asphalt smoothed over the road and ready for all future use.

There are always choices to make and phases in life.  Sometimes you don’t just choose the path less taken, you have to pave a completely new path for yourself, carving away what was and is no longer serving you, finding the base and stability of what lies within you, and then laying down a totally new, completely fresh and perfect new path for yourself.

Paving a new road

Paving a new road


Do You See the Magic in this Moment?

I knew this was my message on the “outside” that was reflecting exactly what was taking place on my “inside.”  I couldn’t see it any other way.  I even took photos of each phase, knowing it meant something to my life.

So you see?  Magic 🙂  My house is magical.  The road I chose to move to, dug up and now repaved, it completely magical.  My life feels magical.

You can tell me that it was merely “coincidence” that the road was torn up the week I moved into my house, and that it wasn’t repaved until the day I was completely done “redoing” my new place as well.  You can tell me and you know what, I’ll agree with you.  To you, it is coincidence. That’s the world you live in.

But for me, what is true to me, is that it’s magic. It’s a magical and mysterious living Universe, this energy of life that surrounds us and flows within us, always talking to us and sending us messages, reflecting back to us what we hold within, letting us know we’re on the right path and helping guide us forward when we tend to stray.  I believe in this kind of magic and this is the world I choose to live in.

I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

So you see, magic does exist.  Or, should I say, “Do you see?” Do you see that it exists?

If you don’t, maybe it’s time to start paving a new path in your life, tear down those old ideas and thoughts that life is ordinary and coincidental, and open your eyes to the miracles and mysteries that exist all around you, knowing they simply reflect the magic that already lies within you.

Magic is all around us in every moment, in every situation and in everyone we meet.  It’s always there but the question is, do we ever open our eyes and our minds enough to see it?  Can we read the signs on the “outside” which are pointing to what we are feeling on the “inside?”  Do we allow the omens to guide us?

It’s a beautiful new path to travel, and one that will take you to the most amazing places.

Trust me, I know.

I hope you do too.  And if so, I’ll see you there………………


If you know someone who could use a little reminder of the magic in their life, then feel free to pass this along!


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