Do You See Magic?

Magic is real.

I mean it. Magic really is really real, I promise you.

If you’ve ever felt it, then you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t (but I’m guessing you most certainly have), let me explain…..

I’m not talking about kids with twig wands running around shouting Harry Potter spells to fellow neighborhood friends or that kind of “slight-of-hand” card trickery found at Vegas style sideshows.

I mean real magic. The kind you sense all around you when strange coincidences pop up in your life, or when the breeze blows and suddenly the energy of an area shifts and somehow you know something, or sense something “else” is surrounding you but you just can’t put your finger on it.

What many don’t’ know is there is a realm beyond the one we see every day, a space so intricately woven within the one we’re living that we rarely ever notice it and often times pass right by, or right through it, never even knowing magic was there surrounding us the entire time.  But it is.

I guess in that sense the magic of which I’m speaking is like those “slight-of-hand” card tricks you see in Vegas. Our attention is focused somewhere else while the truth behind the act is taking place right before our eyes.  The truth is, we’re simply blind to recognize it.

But, just as the card trick takes place and you know what you’ve seen is real – even if you have NO idea how to explain it – it’s there and it’s happening. Magic is with us and surrounds us in every single moment and those who know how to see, recognize when it appears.

  • Have you ever thought of someone and then they called?  That’s magic.


  • Has an opportunity come to you in the very moment you needed it to?  That’s magic too.


  • Have you ever wanted something so badly and no matter how unrealistic, you dreamt of it and longed for it for years and then in one moment it finally happens?  Yep, Magic.


  • And, do you ever sense there is something “else” lurking just out of sight, waiting for you, calling to you, drawing your attention to it but it seems to remain hidden out of clear focus.  Well, that’s magic too.


Magic is this energy that lies beneath and within all the moments in our life, the fantasies and images in our minds, the desires in our hearts and the love we feel for each other and this life. Magic is the “thing” we feel and know is real, but can never touch or fully explain.

Magic exists for each of us because it IS what we’re made of.  It’s this life, this energy that makes the world around us come alive. 

It’s creation and creativity, the act of harnessing and channeling this energy of life, of letting it flow through us and to us and from us and into this world, whether through our art, the children we bear or the contributions we make to this world. It is LIFE.

I used to sense this magic when I was little but I never knew how to explain it. It lingered on the back of mind for years, sometimes teasing and tormenting me, calling to me to come and find it, to see and know it for what it was.  Finally, when I was 29 years old, the call became so loud that I couldn’t ignore it any longer.  After all those years of my life, I went looking for the truth behind this “magic” I felt and what I discovered was beyond what I ever imagined, yet at the same time made total sense.

I learned there is a force or an energy that is real, that exists within us but also exists separate us as it’s own living, “breathing” entity. It’s a power or a force we can call upon in any moment and as long as we are open to it, it flows generously through us igniting our lives and creating moments full of wonder and awe, wrapped in unexplainable fortune and love creating a humbleness that a world such as this exists.

I have felt that magic flow to me and through me many times since the moment I took off to find it and it is the most miraculous feeling I could ever know. 

It’s moments of fortuitous “coincidence” when the struggling and pushing stops and those things you’ve always dreamed of just come to you, effortlessly.

It’s when you stop long enough to notice the light dancing through the window of your room casting a ballet of shadows upon the wall, or when I feeling of such overwhelming love sweeps through your chest that you feel your very heart will explode into a million little pieces of light.

THIS is the magic feeling of life, of being connected to the Universe and everything around us and it’s open to every single person on this planet.

No one can contain it or stop it, package it or sell it.  It exists abundantly and freely for every single one of us.  It’s there, for whomever chooses to see it.

Now that I’ve felt it and know it is real, I have tried to live my life every day open to this magic and the miracles that exist all around me.  And I can tell you this. If anything has ever changed my life more fundamentally, it is this.  It is opening myself, opening my heart to feel and sense this magic that has been the greatest part of creating the life I now live.

Magic is my passion and living the rest of my days hoping to open others’ eyes to see it is my purpose.

Once you feel it and know how to let it flow through you, I promise you there will be nothing else more incredible you will want to do with your life.  Magic is the thread that weaves everything together and with it, you can create and experience every single ounce of beauty this world has to offer.

This is how I long to live my life and this is what I want for you.

If you’ve felt the magic in your life already, then please share your story with someone else.  And if you don’t know the feeling of which I speak but you long to experience it, then please join the journey.  I want nothing more than for you to feel the wonder of which I speak and whether it be through my words, through sharing the knowledge I have gathered along my journey, or simply by sharing the day-to-day experiences of our lives, my most heart-felt hope is that you too open your heart (for it is an open heart, not open eyes that allows you to see this magic) and witness the truth of this beautiful life around you and within you.

If you want, join my journey and let’s find the magic together!

With a mission of magic meant to make you smile,


Born Again Baby




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