You are the author of your story…

Hello fellow life-writer!

Let’s play a little imagination game, shall we?

Imagine what it would feel like, for just a moment, to soak in a warm sudsy bath after a long day’s work, a glass of red wine beside you and your favorite book perched on the edge of the tub. The bubbles tickle and massage your skin as you sink into the tub, melting into the warmth of the water.

You’ve been waiting for this very moment all day. This is the moment you finally get to escape back into your book and that amazing story you’ve been reading.  There’s something about this particular story that feels so real and personal you almost wonder if it was written for you.

It’s like you know the character and live inside her head and you can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next.

As you relax into the luxurious softness around you, you open the book to the spot you left off yesterday.  Almost feigning to know how the story continues, your soapy fingers grip the paper and turn the page over and there, upon the page you see……. Nothing.

It’s blank. There are no words strung together into sentences and packaged into paragraphs that exist to tell you a story. Not even a single word or typo lays waiting for your eyes to witness.  There’s absolutely nothing for you to look at except a pure white, blank sheet.

Furious, you flip the page, and then another and then another but they’re all the same. They’re all completely blank and staring back at you, mocking you with their vast emptiness and offering nothing to you except a whole lot of ….. nothing.

Furiously disappointed like a two year old who is refused that third cookie, you hurl the book across the bathroom crashing it into the shelves causing cotton balls and Q-tips to go flying everywhere.  Infused with a desperate rage, you scramble from the tub, soapy and naked, and go running down the hall to the book shelf, slipping and sliding across the hardwood floors.  You reach the shelf and yank another book, ripping it from its spot, and tear it open.  You flip through page after page, but it too is blank.

You grab another and another, but they’re all the same.  They’re all blank and you’re left standing there, dripping water all over the floor, cotton balls and Q-tips stuck to places you wished they weren’t, naked and mad and shaking from a serious lack of clothing as well as the frustration you feel.

All you wanted to do was relax from the hardships of your life and get lost in the story of another! What are you supposed to do now?


Well my dear, this is what you do: You write your own story to fill those pages.

woman writingThis is the moment when the REAL story begins!  You see, every story or book ever written was created and imagined in the mind of another and written upon the page.  Every story, no matter how epic or how mundanely and boringly lame, started as an idea of how life could be, and how different characters could live that very life. THIS, is exactly how life works as well.

You don’t have to escape into someone’s else’s story. You have the power to create your own.

Whether you realize it or not, you ARE the author of your experience and you are the one creating and writing the story of your life. Those blank pages aren’t filled with “nothing.”  Those blank pages are ready to be filled with any possibility YOU can imagine.  The pages are just waiting for you to write upon them, to tell your stories and all the meaningful moments of your life.

Staring at a bunch of blank pages one after another, over and over, can be frustrating and overwhelming at times (especially if your butt naked and standing in a pool of soapy water in your living room).  But it can also be ever-so-liberating. The unknowing and open possibility of those empty pages is the greatest gift of our life.

We get to be the authors of our experience and the creators of our destiny.

Now I happen to believe that each of us are born with a particular destiny.  I sense that our unique purpose or mission in our lifetime is planted deep into the mysterious caverns of our own heart and a big part of our journey is to dive in there to both discover it and have the courage to bring it to life.

That doesn’t mean that our destiny, or our lives, are written for us.

We are still the ones who wake up every day and decide, with the choices we make, what sort of life we will live. We are the ones standing at the helm steering the ship and I find a few certain questions I ask myself each day to help me know where I’m going:

  • What character do I want to be today and in my life?
  • What story do I want to tell?
  • What do I believe in? Truth?  Beauty?  Adventure or kindness?  Am I living those?
  • What can I do today to take me one step farther in following my dreams?
  • What does the world need and how can I be a hero for that cause?

No one else can answer those questions for us.  No one else can write our story.

Our peers don’t write it, our bosses, or society at large. None of these groups decide our story (unless we let them). No one and nothing outside of us can tell us who we are, what we love, what we dream or how to follow that dream. The truth is, the choice is ours and ours alone.

Now, for another quick moment, let’s play that imagination game one more time:

This time you’re not lying in a soapy bathtub but in a hospital bed, the heart monitor taped to your chest as you listen to the rhythmic beeping slowing and getting softer. You’re holding the hand of a loved one, maybe your partner, maybe your grandchild or maybe just a very dear friend who has experienced all the moments of your life together.

You know your time in this life is coming to an end but you also know – it’s ok.

You reach to the bedside table, navigating the tubes that are strapped into your arm and pick up a book lying there.  You lift the lengthy novel and hand it to your loved one, one last gift to give to this world before you go.

Inside the book is the story of your life, every moment of happiness, every tear of sorrow, the blissful moments and the ones that were hard to endure. This is the book of your life filled with the stories you lived.

How do you feel handing that book over?

Is it the story you want to leave behind? Is it an epic tale of courage and kindness, of going after your dreams and giving back to this beautiful world?

Did you embrace what you love and seek to fulfill your destiny?  Most of all, was it the story you wanted to write of your one precious life?

If not, what are you waiting for?  The pages are blank and ready to be written upon by you and whatever story you dream of telling for your life.

getty woman in bathtub

So, as I said, “To my fellow life-writer:”

Your life is your story and the greatest and most liberating gift of all is that you are the one who gets to write it.

You are the author of your life and it’s time to write the story of your dreams.


Right now is the moment for you to turn the page, embrace the blank page that always lies waiting for you and begin writing the story of your life you have been longing to live.  We’re all in it together and you’ve got all the magic in the world supporting you. Open your heart, quiet your mind and listen for the clues.  Now let’s get going and let’s get writing.

I’m looking forward to the day I get to sink down into my own bathtub with the soft soap bubbling up around me.  I’d love to be holding a book containing the story of your life and see what wonders you lived and I know, with all my heart, that I will laugh, I will cry and that it will be a page-turner until the very end.

Great job on writing a beautiful story and I can’t wait to read it 🙂

With lots of literary and life love,


Born Again Bay

If you already have stories to share, comment below, tell me your story – any story of your amazing life! Or, find me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram.  Let’s join this journey together and dive deeper into our hearts to discover our destiny and bring our dreams to life.



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