Epic Adventures Await You……

Hello fellow BAB!

(Born Again Baby, that is….)

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to life a life of adventure and set off on epic quests of meaning and magic?  To discover the wonder of this world and all the treasures this life has to offer?  In case you didn’t already know, I’m here to tell you a secret:

“Your quest has already begun and you’re already on your way.”

Good to know, right?  If this is true though, you may be asking yourself, “But if I’m on some “epic quest” where am I going and what should I bring?”  Don’t worry. You’re already covered.

Embarking on an epic adventure has nothing to do with plane tickets, passports or packing a bag.

The life you are living every day, IS actually the most epic adventure you could possibly ever experience.  Think about it. Each moment is filled with infinite, *literally* infinite, possibilities of what we choose to think, feel, experience and share with the world.

* Grammatical Disclaimer:  When I use the term “literally” I literally mean, “literally” and not in the cringe-worthy mis-meaning such as “I am soooooo hungry I could LITERALLY eat a horse.”  Really dear?  God I hope not….

Anyway, back to this “Life is our greatest adventure thing”

The truth is: this life we’ve been given is miraculous and magical beyond our wildest imaginations.  

It’s a gift that’s been given to us since the moment we took our first breath and we will have it until the moment we take our last.  What we do with that gift is up to us and there is nothing (yes, literally nothing) that can hold us back.

Why is it then, that so many of us are blind to this knowledge?

It’s like we’re holding the greatest gift that we could ever be given in the palm of our hand and yet we have no idea it’s there.

We wake up every day, get out of bed and go about our daily routines yet somewhere deep inside we’re longing for something more.  We just have no idea what it is, how to get it even if we did know, and why we’re feeling it in the first place! If only we knew that everything we longed for and every answer we could ever need was right there in front of us every day. Instead, it’s like our eyes are open every single day but yet, we seem so blind to see what’s right in front of us.

I used to feel like this everyday for many years.  And I mean, literally, every day. 

sensed life was a gift, but I couldn’t see it that way.  I didn’t know how.  I wanted to feel alive, to know that I was living this epic life of meaning and magic, but I was clueless how to make my life feel miraculous the way I knew it could.

Then one summer of my life, everything changed.

Everything in my life (Ok, not literally everything, but almost everything), came crashing down and my life felt like it was crumbling in piles of chaos around me. However, in that mass destruction of the stability of my life, what also came crashing down were those steel walls I had unknowingly been building around my heart for almost all my life.

It was when my life broke in pieces that my heart finally broke open, that suddenly the magic and miracles I had so longed to know started flooding out and filling my days.

I didn’t know why it was happening at that time but from the years of growing and learning since, I have come to understand what I was so blind to see before. I had spent all those years looking for the magic and miracles somewhere outside of me, longing to feel alive in the life I was living without every realizing that feeling of “life” had to come from somewhere inside of me.

 And that somewhere is the heart.

The heart is the key to everything in our lives. When we open our hearts, our lives open in ways we could never imagine.

From that time that one summer, so many years ago, my life became miraculous once again and I did end up going on an epic journey (literally) that led me around the world.  But that is not the “epic journey” of which I am referring to that is waiting for you.

Literally, the most epic journey I have ever experienced, is the journey within, deep into my own heart and my own life, to discover who I am, what I dream of, and the unique destiny I was born to share with this world.

This epic adventure is available to all of us and it begins by going nowhere at all. It begins the day you stop looking outside and stop running through your life, chasing after those things you think are outside of you.

The greatest adventure begins when you STOP, and go within to discover an infinite world of possibilities that already lie within you.  Once you do, your life opens up because you have opened up to your life and every single moment becomes rich with meaning and magic.

Your day-t0-day life becomes the epic quest upon which you have always longed to embark.

And the great news is, it never ends. There are no return plane tickets, no passport stamps to collect and you don’t have to even worry about what to pack for the trip.  This is an adventure you never have to leave and the only thing you have to collect are the experiences that make you feel alive.

As for the packing?  Well, you get to choose what you “wear” by choosing who you want to be every step of the way.

And the greatest part is, everything fits in your bag and as long as every thought, feeling and action is aligned with your heart, you will always look and feel fabulous because you are absolutely, unquestionably and undeniably, LITERALLY, in love with your one amazing life.


Have you been longing to begin your epic quest of living but don’t know where to begin?  I love to share stories, tales and tips of everyday magic that comes from opening your heart, embracing your dreams and the quest to discover and deliver your unique destiny.  We are the authors of our lives and live the stories we choose to write.  Join the journey with me and let’s embrace all that life has to offer together!

With nothing but love (and no need for packing, passports or plane tickets), wishing you happy, heart-felt travels.

Until next time……


Born Again Baby

P1050674100_2357PHOTO: My journey actually took me to this magical lake in Guatemala where I spent many months studying about the Universe, miracles of reality as well as the beauty of my own life and magic of my own heart.

Not every inner-journey will call you to far-off lands, but some will. That’s the beauty and magic of the heart, sometimes you have no idea where it will call you to go but you can always rest in absolute confidence that wherever it calls you, that’s exactly where you’re meant to be.



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