Book Series


A Three-Part Journey of Transformation & Rebirth



(First Trimester)

Book ONE: Waking Destiny

“The greatest journey you’ll ever take is the one within.”


DSC_0074There come a time in everyone’s life when they are called to wake up and embrace the life they were born to live. Often bringing with it a time of chaos and confusion, it’s in this moment when everything falls away, that a quiet whisper emerges from within, guiding us towards our truth and the destiny we were born to live.

This moment came for me when I was 29 years old, the summer when everything “died” around me finally allowing the space of my truth to be “born” from within me. It was a treacherous journey, one that took me deep into my soul on a wild ride of emotional twists and turns, carried on unexplainable “magical” experiences that turned my world upside down, all of it both hurting and healing my heart in ways I had never know.

It was only when everything was stripped away, that I could finally hear the quiet yearning of my truth, the Loudest Whisper I had ever known, a calling from my soul and beyond to “wake up,” and believe in the dreams of my heart and embrace the destiny I was born to live.

Due date: In the editing phase and ready to be birthed “soon!”


(Second Trimester)

Book TWO: Expecting Destiny

“The mind is a doorway to destiny, yet many remain locked in a prison never realizing they hold the key.”


When your sP1050635oul calls for you to embark on the path of your destiny, there is no knowing where it will lead.

My soul led me to the volcanic foothills of Guatemala where I studied ancient spiritual practices of awakening and sought to discover the truth of our souls. I spent 40 days in silence, communing with God and the demons within my own mind. From there my soul led me to a beach town in Mexico where I learned the energetic practices of Tantric Yoga and pushed myself nearly to the point of insanity trying to reach the Divine.

My trip ended on a mountain in Guatemala, studying with a spiritual teacher who divulged lessons of time and space, embracing the fire of our destiny, and the true power of love of the Universe.

By the end, my journey had changed me and I was reborn into a new existence once again, but the journey wasn’t over. My new life was forming, becoming more solid every day as I was growing into the person I was meant to be, but I wasn’t “whole” yet.  My soul had more in store and with more lessons to learn and more moments to be experienced as my path of destiny continued.

Due date: Rough Draft complete


(Third Trimester)

Book THREE: Delivering Destiny

“The Universe may surrender to a mind that’s still; but comes alive for hearts open to the ecstatic dance of LOVE.”


DSC01004Fueled by faith in the Universe, with one-way tickets I traveled from Israel to Thailand to Italy to India, learning the lesson of surrendering to the heart and the will of the Divine.  From longing for love to finally embracing what I loved, I spent nine months studying at a Tantric Yoga School and finally fell in rhythm with the heartbeat of the Universe.

From there I traveled from Italy to India, learning the true lessons of surrender and at which altars we are meant to lay our hearts.

In the end, one can gain all the knowledge of the world, but if one doesn’t know how to love, then what do we truly know? In the end I finally found the love I had longed for my entire life, the one that came from within, knowing who I was and what I was meant to give to this world.

The formation was complete, my new life alive and my destiny continuing, ready to be birthed out into the world for all to share, I had become a “Born Again Baby” and my life was the creation I was meant to give to the world.

Due Date: Rough Draft Complete


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