My Story

 Everyone has a story to tell, and this is mine.


The life I live (and now love) began when I was 29 years old, when in the course of one summer everything started changing.  Starting with the news of the death of a childhood idol, a series of events unfolded over the following weeks that brought the “death” of so many other aspects of my life. The pain I felt during this time broke me open, and a new “me” began to emerge.

I realized life wasn’t punishing me; Life was pushing me through the restrictive birth canal of my fears to emerge free and born into a new life on the other side.

It was my first moment of rebirth.


As everything fell away leaving me with nothing left to hold on to, I started sensing a mysterious “feeling” within whispering from my soul and guiding me from my heart. It called for me to leave everything behind and take off to the volcanic foothills of Guatemala to a school of meditation and ancient spiritual doctrines where I studied and explored the power of the mind, the true nature of reality, waking up in dreams and discovering magic. For months I contemplated the secrets of Kabbalah, the mysteries of the Tarot, Numerology, Astrology and the powerful art of lucid dreaming, finishing in 40 days of silence striving to uncover the ultimate mystery – to understand the true nature of ‘self.’

From there I followed that “feeling” to a tiny beach-side village in Mexico to study yoga and the science of energy flowing through our bodies. There I sat for another 40 days in silence, learning the art of manifestation and how to face my deepest fears before returning to Guatemala to live up a mountain with a spiritual teacher who taught me the realms of dreams, the illusion of time and space and how we are meant to embrace the mission of love we were born to share.

From the time my journey began, I had traveled nine months and gathered enough knowledge to last a lifetime, but I knew my story didn’t end there.

I returned back to the city I left only to make plans to take off yet again.


Vowing to follow this feeling still, I bought a one-way ticket to Thailand and put my faith in the Universe to lead me where I was meant to go.

There I spent another nine months on a tiny island studying yoga and the mysteries of our own minds and hearts as well as the art of Mystical Dance and Devotion to the Sacred Feminine, inviting the energy and love of the Universe back into the miraculous dance of my life. I continued following the guidance of the Universe, traveling to Italy to learn about love and then on to India where I discovered the true meaning of surrender.

Then one day, the “feeling” and messages from the Universe told me it was enough, and I returned once again to the city I left. Over the four years of travel, I had recorded the lessons, stories and moments of magic that defied explanation yet sparked the very truth of this life it was from these I began writing my story to share with the world.



If you want to know more about the journey, or are longing for a little help and guidance on how to begin your own,

JOIN ME and let’s travel this life together!