What Is Born Again Baby?


 First off, “Born Again Baby” is not about following any doctrine or any extreme religious rules.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite.


“Born Again Baby” is all about FREEDOM


HarleyP1050555It’s about listening to the whispers of your soul, and following the calls of your heart.

It’s embracing the life you were born to live.

About becoming the midwife to your MISSION and knowing you have a DESTINY to deliver in this world.

It’s knowing with every beat of your HEART you have a chance to CHANGE it all.

It’s about YOUR LIFE and the courage to RE-CREATE it into one you love.



Being “born” it is the beginning of something new.  A baby can be born. A project can be born.  A revolution can be born.

Anything you create and give life into this world is born – including the life you’re living.



Born “Again” means CHANGE.  Real change and real transitions into new ways of being, a new life born from within you

The world exists as a blank canvas of infinite opportunities to paint your masterpiece of what you want to see for this world and the story you want to write for your life.

You can be one person in one moment and then change it all and become a completely new “you” in the next.  The past doesn’t exist so why hold on? The future only exists in the present and the thoughts you think about yourself and this life.

There is nothing holding you back from (re)creating your life with every thought you think and in the actions you take.  The world is open to you to be born again and again and again….. and it never ends.



It you want something to be “born” in your life, you are going to have to give birth to it.

A “baby” is anything that comes from within us, that we create, give birth to it and give it life. We then care for it from the moment it takes its first “breath” until we take our last.

Our lives, our dreams, our art and our gifts and contributions to this world are our “babies.” Just as we tend to a newborn baby, we must tend to the lives we want to live and the dreams in our hearts, to nurture them, care for them, raise them up, watch them grow and let them live.



How “Born Again Baby” began:

Born Again Baby isn’t just a catchy little name I came up with (although I did pop into my head one day while riding around chicken buses in Guatemala!).

It’s not just a name, but so much more.

From the moment I decided to change my entire life, I noticed through my journeys that every nine months HUGE shifts were taking place in my life. Every nine months I was either leaving the place I was living, embarking on a new adventure, or making some major shift in my life.

And that got me thinking…….

number nineNine months.

The time it takes to form a baby, or a new life, in the womb.  Nine represents the cycle of something beginning at “one,” a seed being planted, and the energy it takes for that creation to fully form through two, three four and so on.

When that creation is born or manifested, it becomes “10″ which indicates a new cycle, the returning to “one” again, yet one spiral upward.

I realized, with each journey I was on, with each new major shift, I had become a different person. I was reBORN into a new way of looking at the world, a new way of seeing and a new “reality” or existence.

I started to see that I was the life-producing agent in my own life and the truth hit me:

We are the cause of all we are and we are the ones who co-create our life with the Universe.


Rebirth seed

Our lives are continuous cycles of births and new beginnings, new ideas and new adventures.

Thankfully, it doesn’t always have to take a full nine months to create something. We are reborn into something new every day, with each beat of our heart, each breath we take, each thought we think in our minds.  Our life is always beginning again and pulsing with life.

We can choose what we want to give to the world, who we want to be and how we want to live.

With each choice, we plant the seed and we let it grow.

As it forms, the time for rebirth comes to us and we are born again and again and again ……


Each of us is a “Born Again Baby” if we choose to be!