Born Again Baby

Born Again Baby


Hi, I’m Andrea.

(But you can call me Drea if you want)

A few years ago, my life fell apart in the span of a few short months and everything changed.

What I know now, is this particular moment of my life was in fact the moment my soul began waking up, desperately longing to live the life for which I was destined. All the destruction and pain was simply Life squeezing me through a metaphorical birth canal to be born into a new and more authentic life on the other side.  A life meant to be lived from the heart.

Since that time, I have journeyed around the world and to places deep inside myself to discover the mysteries of the Universe and the magic of my own soul. I have been from Israel to India, to Thailand and Guatemala and more, studying spirituality and learning to listen to the Divine. I have sat in silence for 40 days on the volcanic foothills of Guatemala and studied Tantric Yoga and Mystical Dance on a little island in Thailand.  The places I’ve traveled have taught me about the world and the nature of the Universe, but it was the journey within that taught me the truth of my own being.

I have come to believe we each have a DESTINY to fulfill in this life, one that is planted deep in our hearts, waiting for us to venture within and bring it to life. When we do, real MAGIC appears in our lives, helping to show us the way to our truth and making the entire world come alive around us.

Trust Me. 

When you live from your heart and listen to your soul,

Life can be more BEAUTIFUL than you ever imagined.


Since this time of rebirth, I now live a life sharing what I love:

  • Story:  I love writing, telling and living “story” and am working on a series of books to teach the spiritual lessons I learned along my journeys. You can learn more about this project HERE
  • Sacred Dance: I teach mystical dance classes for women to dive deep into their feminine nature, embracing the wisdom within and unleashing the power of the heart.
  • Cards4Humanity: I”m in the process of giving birth to a business focused on fostering love and connection in the world through the “game” of leaving anonymous cards with messages that can be tracked on line.
  • Dream Practices: Learning to listen to and follow the messages in your dreams can change the course of your life. Send me your dreams and I’ll help interpret what they mean for your life!
  • Destiny/Mission in Life: Our destiny is not a pre-determined path we have to walk, but our own unique purpose for being born into the life we live. The true adventure is the journey of discovering our unique destiny within and bringing it to life to share with the world.


And, if you’re asking yourself

“What the heck is a “Born Again Baby?”

then follow this link and I’m happy to fill you in.

This picture shows I love you THIS MUCH

My guess is though, if you’re here, you may already be one yourself!