Embracing Shakti

Embracing Shakti Dance Classes are a journey to reveal the Goddess within and explore the wonders of the Divine Feminine through dance, movement and meditation.


Divine Feminine

Mystical Dance WS 179

The feminine is a part of us all; it’s our connection to Mother Earth and the mysteries of life and creation. For too many years we have lived in an unbalanced society, one that values the masculine traits of mind and intellect over the mysteries of intuition and the deeper wisdom of love and compassion.

Now a shift is taking place and the Feminine is reawakening in us all. Life is calling us to quiet the raging mind and reconnect with our bodies, our hearts and our spirit, to delve deep into our personal truths and embrace the power within. It’s the power of creation, of unity and of love, to be whole in ourselves and embrace the world and all living creatures harmoniously.

The journey of reawakening the Divine Feminine is both wild and wondrous, mysterious and magical, and one we must all experience at some point in our existence. The heart will not remain quiet for long. It calls to you repeatedly, whispering at first and getting forever louder until the day you finally decide to listen, and your journey within begins.


Classes & Workshops

Embracing Shakti dance classes and workshops offer women a sacred space to join together in exploring their Divine Feminine while awakening their bodies, minds and hearts as they express themselves fully through dance and creative movement.


Sufi Whirling

Sufi Whirling, MDTTC 2012 Koh Phangan, Thailand

Bodies come alive using various belly dancing techniques in combination with other dance forms as we explore and express our inner truth through creative movement.


Minds are engaged as we learn, discuss and experience the wonderful and wild aspects of the Divine Feminine as well as Tantric and yogic philosophies and other sacred esoteric teachings.


Hearts and souls are ignited as we discover the wellspring of absolute love and sheer joy blossoming from within when we dig deeper and allow ourselves the freedom to express the inherent beauty and absolute perfection of our true nature.


Women share and support, encourage and celebrate each other as the true Goddesses they are, reconnecting with their innate joy inside, their infinite wisdom, intense and fierce compassion, unconditional love and the sheer bliss of being alive and connected to ourselves and each other

Sacred Sisterhood

Embracing Shakti dance classes & workshops provides a place for a woman to allow herself to be fully a woman – fully herself, in her soul, in her body, in her heart.


 Sharing a Passion

ANdreaAndrea has been dancing her entire life.  Trained as a modern dancer, she has performed in the United States with various performance groups and companies.  An adventurer since birth and devoted seeker of Truth, she has traveled the world following the path of the Mystic and finding her personal connection to the Divine through dance, meditation, yoga and other esoteric studies.

Andrea is a certified Mystical Dance and Hatha Yoga teacher, writer, spiritual seeker and lover of life!  With the Universe as her dance partner, she continually follows It’s lead, moving in harmony with It’s rhythm and dancing wherever It leads her. 

Passionate about unveiling the power of the Sacred Feminine inside each of us, she shares her love of liberating hearts with each of her Mystical Dance classes and workshops.  She has had the privilege to teach Mystical Dance while living on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand and while living in Rishikesh, India.  

Currently she has returned to her home-town of Indianapolis, Indiana to share the love and magic of dance with all those seeking to liberate and express the bliss buried deep within.