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High Priestess Happiness

Celebrating the High Priestess, Goddess of Higher Wisdom and Sacred Knowledge, women gathered on August 10, 2013 to dance their way into the hearts, accessing their inner knowing, sharing secret wisdom by tapping into their pyschic abilities and in the end, celebrating the dance of life symbolized by the inner journey of triumph of 40 years of inner truth!  What a beautiful evening filled with absolutely stunning Shaktis sharing their spirit!

 Click the image below for more images of this magical evening!Front cover of HP slideshow



Shakin’ it Shakira Style (Video)

Choreography by Monika Nataraj from Mystical Dance TTC

The most fun I’ve ever had shakin’ to the beat of sexy Shakira!!!

Click the image below:DSC_0082



“Kaj Ra Re” (Video)

Choreography by Monika Nataraj from Mystical Dance TTC

A little bit of Bollywood Bliss!

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Mystical Dance Teacher Training

Six weeks spent on the magical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand diving deep into the Divine Feminine through dance, meditation and movement.

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